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Have you ever imagined going to the most exotic places in India in what you call as the ‘month end savings’? As vast and as diverse as our country is, it is also very affordable. If planned properly you can travel almost half of India even when you are a miser who likes to budget everything. Here are 10 places one can visit on a budget. Lonavala also called the Jewel of the Sahayadri Hills is located on the Mumbai- Pune express highway .Just 5kms away is Khandala. It is a favourite spot for all the Mumbaikars as well as the Bollywood filmmakers. Walk through the mist- clad, shimmering waterfalls, enjoy the freshness of the moist earth and abundance of scenic beauty not spending more than Rs. 6000 on hotel, food and transport.

The Food here in Kodaikanal is amazingly affordable, be it chicken or the South Indian cuisine you can eat a hell lot of food just by spending Rs. 200 and staying here is also not a great deal as you can book hotel rooms here which are not too expensive. This place located in the south of Palani Hills is covered in thick forests and waterfalls. It is not very difficult to reach there as bus and train are easily available. Goa known for its beautiful beaches have visitors all over the world, ranging from popular stretches at Baga and Palolem to laid-back fishing villages such as Agonda.

A mix of peaceful relaxation but also buzzing activity, which goes into making a fabulous place. A one day trip to Jaipur can be amazingly good and satisfying. The architectural beauty of the Pink City offers great peace and tranquillity after which you can move towards your final destination. If you plan to travel to Darjeeling with your family you can book economical Holiday Homes a month prior to your trip. The journey can be done by train or by bus from Siliguri to Darjeeling. The town is endowed with rich cultural history, natural resources and due to its pleasant climate all year round, Darjeeling can be one of the best places to visit. There are a number of attractions at Leh Ladakh which are filled with extreme pristine beauty.

It is well known for its monasteries, mountain peaks and wildlife safaris. With regard to accommodation, Ladakh offers several options from family run establishments to guest houses to budget hotel rooms in monasteries. Varanasi also known as Benares or Kashi is one of India’s seven holy cities. The Ghats of this city are spiritually enlightening and fantastically photogenic. Staying there is goa beaches as rooms in aashrams and dharamshalas are easily available. The place where belief and faith is more important than money. Golden Temple, one of the holiest places of worship makes your stay worth at Amritsar. One can stay at the Gurudwara by paying a minimal amount. All worries disappear as you sit back and drift past riverbanks lined with coconut trees, verdant paddy fields and colourful lotuses. The Backwaters of Kerala are a bliss. Most houseboat trips start from Alleppey and are quite affordable. Jaisalmer also known as the Golden City of India, is a land of fascinating sand dunes, magnificent havelis and stunning Jain Temples. It is located in the midst of the scenic Thar Desert. You can check out the Jaisalmer fort or visit the Desert National Park all at very low prices.

Ten mobile phones, three laptops, seven book numbers (mobile connections only have the incoming option), two local line numbers and some note sheets being used for booking of bets were recovered from their possession,' said Madhur Verma, DCP, crime branch. During investigation, it was learnt that room number 809 was booked in the name of Sumit Kalra (32), a resident of Shalimar Bagh. However, eight other people were also present in the room. Police suspect the involvement of the hotel staff who allowed so many people to lodge in a single room. All of them, including Kunal, Sumit and seven others - identified as Jitender Kumar, Nitin Harjani, Nikhil Gidwani, Amit Kumar Dhingra, Sumit Sharma, Rajesh Jai and Naveen Kumar - were in the mood to party, said sources.

As the final match was played on Sunday between Mumbai Indians and Rising Pune Supergiant, they chose Crowne Plaza to celebrate. To save money, they did not order food and snacks from the hotel and instead called a nearby restaurant to deliver eatables and soft drinks. Share They already had some whisky ready to consume while betting. In a country where legal gambling is confined to horse-racing, illegal betting syndicates continue to thrive and a 2013 betting scandal led to two-year bans on two IPL franchises. The raid was conducted when the 6th or 7th over of the second innings was on, and money had been placed on Pune. However, all of them are businessmen. Some are in real estate, while others are travel agents. They would make around Rs 10-15 lakh per match.

CEBU, Philippines — Cebu has been ranked as the 25th best destination in Asia by TripAdvisor. Cebu is the only destination in the Philippines included in the discriminating latest travelers’ choice awards as top favorite vacation haven in the region. In the list, however, Cebu was described as an Island in the Visayas. It did not mention that Cebu is an island province in the Philippines. Moreover, the recognition reflects Cebu prominence in the world’s traveling market, added Tamano. TripAdvisor, Inc. is an American travel and restaurant website company that shows hotel and restaurant reviews, accommodation bookings and other travel-related content. It also includes interactive travel forums.

India derives its name from the river 'Indus'. India is bordered with Bangladesh and Myanmar (Burma) on the east and Pakistan on the west. China, Tibet, Nepal and Bhutan are on the northern border. The Indian Union is made-up of 29 States, 6 Union Territories and the National Capital Territory of Delhi. Area-wise : Rajasthan is the biggest State of India and Goa is the smallest. Population-wise : Uttar Pradesh is the largest and the Sikkim is the smallest. India is now the 10th Industrialised Country in the world. India is the 6th nation to have gone into outer Space. India is the 2nd largest populous country in the world.

If you are in Goa for your summer vacation then don’t miss to the opportunity to snap a selfie outside the Kingfisher Villa. In the last week, hundreds of families have visited the Kingfisher Villa, the luxurious former residence of beleaguered businessman Vijay Mallya. Ahmedabad-based Nimesh Shah is among the tourists who was excited to have a family picture outside the Villa. A 40-member security team hired by the State Bank of India now guards the Rs 90-crore Kingfisher Villa in Candolim, Goa. “I have visited Goa a number of times, but this is the first time our family is visiting Mallya’s house. We have taken a good number of pictures outside the Villa to show them to our relatives and neighbours in Ahmedabad,” Shah told India Today.

The Kingfisher Villa is located in Candolim and is on the way to the well-known Fort Aguada. Radheshyam, head of the 40-odd SBI security guards stationed at the villa, told India Today's website: “Tourists while returning from the fort are making sure that they stop at the Villa gate and take a selfie or a group picture. “For the last four days, we have been cooking our food, washing our utensils, taking our baths, sleeping, and so on, at this place only. We have been told to remain here till the sealed lock is open or till the Villa is auctioned off, or till Mallya returns back and pays back the loan amount of these banks,” Radheshyam said. These securitymen are responsible for securing the Rs 90-crore Villa.

Many luxurious cars are parked at the property, including a Ferrari, Mercedes, a Mitshubishi Lancer. In addition, there are at least 10 small vehicles being used for transportation around the huge lawn. During New Year’s parties or special occasions like birthdays, the larger area of the garden is used as bars and dance floors. Sources say that on other days, the dance floor was used as a helipad. Inside the main villa, which is sealed by SBI Cap for now, there are three grand bedrooms and a huge living room. Every corner of the house is decorated with the pieces personally acquired by the Kingfisher tycoon himself. “The living room has handmade teak wood furniture with a complete home theatre system.

Wildflower Hall, Shimla: Draped in the beauty of virgin woods of pine and cedar, Wildflower Hall is situated in the magnificent Himalayas. The resort unfolds a fairytale world of luxury reminiscent of the colonial era. In the therapies at Wildflower Hall you can experience the purity of mountain air and spirit of the Himalayas. The therapies are done in the serenity of private spa pavilions and spa suites and the visitors can pick from an extensive menu of therapies which include signature style rituals, massage therapies, skin and nail care, Ayurvedic therapies and more. Ananda in the Himalayas: Located in the foothills of tranquil and majestic Himalayas, Ananda is where one can discover through the union of body, mind and soul.

Its spa is spread over a landscape of 24,000 sq ft and offers an extensive menu of about 79 body and beauty treatments. The spa experience here has incorporated the traditional measures of Ayurveda to avail the authentic effects of Ayurveda making Ananda one of the finest Ayurveda Spa hotels in India. Activities program and personalized therapies are designed to meet individual requirements and helps in de-stressing, cleansing, detoxifying, deep cleaning of the body. Park Hyatt Sereno Spa, Goa: Sereno Spa at Hotel Park Hyatt in Goa is a fabulous wellness destination. Edged with beauteous seafront and draped in emerald hues of manicured gardens the resort is an idyllic place to enjoy holistic measures of Ayurveda. The resort offers a blend of unique therapies, Yoga and meditation sessions for one rejuvenating and revitalizing one's body, mind and soul.

At Sereno Spa you are treated with excellent fitness and spa programs under the expert guidance of a dedicated team of professional masseurs. The resort ranked World's Number One Spa in Asia several times is indeed one of the finest Indian Ayurveda Spa hotels. These premier Ayurveda Spa hotels in India have made their niche in the world on the basis of their classic Ayurvedic techniques blended finely with International massage therapies. These massages done with exotic herbal oils are further coupled with yogic and meditation sessions and are then mixed with nutritious diet for complete effect. Most of these properties provide services of a team of qualified nutritionists, Western and Ayurvedic physicians and spa therapists to gently help you develop a healthy lifestyle altogether.

It's been a year since I am here on quora. Today on 5th September, as we celebrate “Teacher's Day” in India, I am just overwhelmed for this life and work which tags me as a teacher. Here on Quora, every one I know are my teachers. All those people who suggest me edits are my teachers. All those people who like my posts, comment on those, share those or even read my answers silently are my teachers. All the people who are writing and sharing valuable facts as well as life experiences are my teachers. All who ask valuable questions here are my teachers.

I am glad that I joined here which accelerated my enthusiasm to learn from everybody. Here I have learnt from people around the globe. Be it about History from an American or about humanity form a Pakistani; be it about business from an Nigerian or be it about music from a British. The integrity of India came to me as firsthand experience here again. I could directly talk to people from every state who are United, irrespective of their different ethnicities and political differences. Where else would I find teachers in so much diversity. Here a Punjabi loves to listen to Odia classic songs.

His advices on financials and website design are mind-blowing, where a Karnataki teacher, who teaches Sanskrit loves me and guides me as a mother. I got to learn beautiful poems and tricks of the language from my Bengali sisters. And my Kerala brother taught me how to have patience and think rationally about situations. Here my Assamese friend teaches about his culture and we get amazed with our similarities. When I learn of Tamil fellows, I really appreciate the way they can think from this young age. When I learn about North Eastern cultures and their experiences, it teaches me a lot about them.

Quora also brought to me some students from Delhi, Rajasthan and Gujarat. I learn from them and they learn from me. Because for us only syllabus is not something to get knowledge from. A Maharashtrian brother keeps recommending good Marathi movies and a Chhattisgarhi brother keeps sharing matured political concepts. I got to know how many fellow from Jharkhand and Bihar people are close to Odisha. My Telugu friend along with her Bengali husband keep posting delightful cuisines so far from USA, teaching about Indian cooking in the simplest manner. This a place where Andhra people take stand for their Uttaranchal brother in any answer. And people from Uttar Pradesh keep writing who they actually are.

I have seen the beautiful tourism of Madhya Pradesh, Uttakakhand, Himachal Pradesh, Andaman Nicobar, Seven sisters, Goa etc. in the eyes of the local people though their answers. It is far better and natural than any tourism commercials. Every corner of India, East, West, North, South has truly been assembled here and teaching a lot of things. And my state, Odisha. What can I say. All the Odia people I find here are incredible. Everyone is trying their best to write and reason the misconception about my least talked state. Each and every Odia people I find here are genuine yet humble while representing their opinions. It makes me feel proud, so much that I am speechless.

Mumbai is one of the most populated city in India and despite this fact one can find nature and peace of mind by just driving three hour from the heart of city to clear up your mind and soul. 6 days in India is so much memorable, I’ve faced sort of negative and positive sides about this country, and as a first-timer I found some interesting facts which will amaze you! P.S. I have heard lot of things back home and my curiosity land myself to this mesmerizing country. This is the most shocking and unexpected part. FYI I came to India with friends and one of them is Indian boy. On the last day in Mumbai we need a room to keep our luggage and rest t our body after tiring five days continuous trail in various parts in India.

The receptionist of a hotel in Mumbai does not allowed us to check in a single room and we end up renting two rooms after couple rounds of arguments. I happen to connect with one of the hotel staff about the reason of such regulation and came to know about the strict rules to prevent prostitution and drugs trafficking. An Indian man and a foreigner girl in one room? Any illegal thing can easily happen indeed. Back again I can’t control people’s mind. The interesting thing I am unable digest about this regulation is it is not same in every part of India.

I am able to check in with my friend in Lonavala and Goa which is nearby to Mumbai. A friend of mine calls me stupid if I don’t bargain for cab price, buying souvenir, ice cream, and any single thing. Bargaining is one of the core thing in Indian culture and it’s a common thing to bargain even if it is already labeled with a price. The habit to bargain stretch to other tourist place such as my home town Bali where Indian tourist will be spotted bargaining and It is an annoying habit for many of us. Cricket all the way! When you’re asking about what’s the one thing which can make all Indians sit idle in a cafe for couple of hours 5 days in a row?

The answer is Cricket. It’s so popular in India on the similar lines of football in Indonesia, and many Indians will be seen betting on the cricket matches as well almost everywhere. Rickshaw (Small Taxi) is not allowed in several places. Rickshaw or auto or Bajaj in Indonesia is a well-known transportation in India. It’s easily available in Goa, Mumbai, Lonavala, and many other places. They are like the life line of the cities. But a different situation encountered in Mumbai when I travel to Lower Parel from Andheri with Local Train, I traveled Lower Parel through Local Train from Andheri and Voila!