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Is nowadays values ​​such as truthfulness, justice, generosity or kindness to have any meaning, or has only the power, fame and money? How far is able to move the man to conceal the truth? Is the world full of corruption, lies and hypocrisy is still a place for human reflexes? The answers to all these questions can be found in the film "Michael Clayton" by Tony Gilroy. Michael Clayton (George Clooney) - employee of one of the largest law firms in New York - has among its friends in the profession opinion miracle worker.

His specialty is concealing his transgressions customers and redemption of investigations related to them. One day he learns that his colleague - Arthur Edens (Tom Wilkinson) - exposed to the public during testimony concerning the case of chemical lawsuit against U / North. In addition, Arthur, as the chief lawyer leading the case, began to work to the disadvantage of revealing every move slandering her uncomfortable facts. To prevent the further development of events U / North, sends a representative of - Karen Crowder (Tilda Swinton).

The woman is ready to go to anything, just to protect the company from the scandal. In "Michael Clayton," we are witnessing a struggle inside the main character, his dilemmas and attempts to make the right decision. Is torn, he does not know whether to help popadającemu mad remain loyal colleague or office where he works. Whatever he chose, and so one of the parties fails. As if that were not enough, Michael is also struggling with personal problems: lack of money due to a penchant for gambling or alcoholic brother who steals the tires of his own family members. Can he appease the growing conflict, to find the middle and leave everything to your face? The film begins on the day of the assassination attempt Clayton and then goes back to the events that took place four days earlier. Then everything is already chronologically. At the end of the film we have a chance to re-investigate the attempt on Michael's life, but already seen from a somewhat different perspective. Placement of shares in the contemporary setting of New York in conjunction with Robert Elswit toned photographs create a specific, quite heavy atmosphere, perfectly fits the theme of the film. "Michael Clayton" is definitely not an easy film, light and pleasant. Its convoluted plot can discourage the average viewer after a few minutes of the session. It does not surprise me at all so extreme opinion on the film, which some consider him a sensational, boring for others or even hopeless. It seems to me that it all depends on the attitude with which sat before his seeing. This only confirms my belief that some of the films should be inspected more than once, "Michael Clayton" was classified as such. With the second approach to it all becomes clearer, more coherent and understandable, you can see that it has no randomness and every slightest action has a consequence, until at some point the viewer comes to the conclusion that the film, which, after first seeing seemed to him vague and meaningless, it is really a decent piece of cinema. First-time director Tony Gilroy (screenwriter better known as a series of films about Jason Bourne) has created an original, solid thriller with a very good (although too confusing) script, a great, suitable climate of the music of James Newton Howard and actor's sensational creations - the roles of George Clooney Tom Wilkinson and Tilda Swinton, the Oscar-winning is a true masterpiece.

I would recommend to anyone who prefers a little more difficult and challenging cinema, with the right attitude to the film definitely on it will not disappoint ..