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Marriage has traditionally been considered a religious ceremony that symbolizes love between two people. The celebration was a trivial symbolic expression of the presence of parents and friends, laughter, love and happiness.
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Recently, an increasing number of couples are planning weddings or paying for something else. Couples guarantee that marriage is not limited by social traditions, but includes everything they imagine and guarantees the excess they want.
The average marriage cost is $ 28,000, according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS). Other trends indicate that men and women decided to marry later. When you start planning a wedding, it becomes clear that you need to be financially aware. The cost of wedding dresses, locations, transportation rentals, bouquets, cakes and honeymoons should accommodate wedding budgets, music, videographers and photographers. The more we think about a wedding, the more we want it. The wedding industry has become a massive product surrounding us with endless shops such as clothing, cakes, cars, events, and decorations. Why all the hype? What happened to our traditional ceremony followed by a small celebration at the family home?
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We live in a society where mass advertising promotes mass use. Collective advertising respects lifestyles and images and promotes the consumption of large quantities of goods. The ideology related to consumer needs dates back to the 20th century, when Fordism established a mass production and mass consumption offer. Mass marketing has promoted the consumption of produced products, while employees rely on working conditions and high incomes. The media ad featured high quality, effective and "normal" product consumption related images.
Today, modern media is part of the modern capitalist market and functions as a mass market society where most people are consumers. The wedding industry is embracing this market, and there is a constant drive through mass media and advertising to increase wealth, business and consumer numbers. Traditional weddings are a thing of the past, and today couples view the wedding as a social event that represents success, strength, and space. The wedding has become a grand event, and the party accepts alliance high class personalities. Sparkling wine, diamonds, clink champagne courses, and carefree laughter fill the room, but as soon as the event ends, all parts return to "normal" life and the temporary consumption of goods disappears.
Modern media advertising was created to enable consumers to interact with product sellers. Earlier forms of media advertising involved a one-way process in which consumers received information from service providers. Images and information were delivered to consumers without interaction via focus or audiovisual advertising. Today's information technology enables interactive processes and extends the same information capacity. Couples can plan weddings efficiently and effectively using communication services such as fax, mobile phone, the Internet, and fiber optic networks that contain a lot of digital information.
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With the constant advancement of information technology and mass media, it is easy to immerse yourself in images and products. The wedding industry is evolving into a sector where entrepreneurs are constantly using innovative advertising techniques to communicate high levels of imagery, class and power. Press the pair to adjust. Consumers have free access to these promotional images, further increasing the risk of mass production consumption. It is important to understand that you want a perfect wedding day, but removing extras will not affect your ideal wedding day.