Beauty From the Inside Out 3 Secrets for True Luminous Beauty

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I'm sure you know the age old saying, 'beauty is only skin deep' and in one sense it is only skin deep if you view the top layer, the first look see, a glimpse of the outer or the first impression of what you initially see from a place of ego, illusion and being relatively asleep to truth. On the other hand, beauty is transparent, luminous shining vitality and is other worldly when you see it from a place of deep truth as it expresses itself through twinkling eyes, soft healthy skin and shiny hair that all share the secret of true beauty - that which cannot be touched by any cream, scalpel or tingling burning itchy treatment that all promise endless youthful beauty. Beauty is an attitude, a confidence, an inner knowing of secrets for timeless and ageless living, with grace and appreciation as our dearest companions. Grace and appreciation for every human experience we have from early childhood, through the growing pains of adolescence ~ to the freedom and exploration of our twenties - to the choices of family, career and the myriad of responsibilities that dot our thirties, forties and onwards to the freedom once again of letting go of all that we thought we were and reinventing ourselves so the decades of the fifties, sixties and beyond can allow wisdom and childhood innocence one again to play together and light the way for the ones coming up behind. I've discovered three little secrets for true luminous beauty and I'm excited to share them with you!

The Secret comes as no surprise I'm sure, yet can be difficult to respect and resolve to make a life long habit. hairstyles 's simply getting a good night's sleep, night after night, month after month, year after year for the duration of your life. Of course they'll be nights were you lay awake wondering, worrying, plotting, planning, wishing and whiling away the hours as your hormones get the better of you, so I'm referring to the majority of nights throughout your life. Making it a priority in your life of setting the stage, the room, the routine and the atmosphere to ensure a good night's sleep because you're in the know about the secret benefits of habitual deeply restorative, regenerative and rejuvenating nighttime sleep. Wherever you are and however you live, traveler or one who is settled down, you can choose to make it an important priority for your life of beauty. In this way, you receive countless benefits both on the inside and consequently permeating through the surface of your body to express itself on the outside. These are the precious priceless hours when the whole body has a chance to repair itself and build anew for you. When you are in the stable environment called home, it's far easier than when you are traveling. beauty from home takes a little planning though, and here's what you do in all those times that you're in other people's homes, hotels, motels, on planes, trains, or anywhere else life takes you. You have small sacred comforting helpers, like a cozy cashmere shawl, an eye pillow and earplugs, a small scented candle, an international time piece to regulate your body, a sleepy time tea bag, your eco friendly re-usable bottle of water filled with your favorite water, and Evian mist for refreshing and hydrating the skin upon waking.

In our society in these trying times it is said we average but a few hours of deep sleep per night, which is why so much advertising focuses on sleep aids of all sorts; and on the repercussions of lack of sleep, like decreased work time due to various disorders of the mind and body; carelessness and exhaustion mid day, hyper alertness at the wrong time of day, mood swings from excess caffeine consumption through a myriad of energy drinks plus the good 'ole cup of coffee or ten that are drunk throughout the day just to stay awake. Imagine if you woke up in the morning happy, refreshed and stretched, yawned and gently in this way welcomed your self to your day. Imagine if you had the energy to wake up just twenty minutes earlier than you used to because now after a couple of months of steady sleep you want to exercise before you even head for the first cup of warm java! Oh, and you're really enjoying that first warm glass of water upon waking to move your bowels and to set the metabolism humming for the rest of the day. Yes, good old -fashioned sleep. A simple decision such as not watching the news an hour before bedtime for a month; or engaging in any heated discussions with your mate, or lengthy listening marathons with girlfriends does wonders for your mind and body in preparation for sleep. Doing nothing other than bathing in the warm cocoon of aromatherapy waters, having sex or gazing gently at uplifting spiritual readings allows the mind to calm, relax and let go. This will prove the kindest most wonderful thing you can do for your appearing and feeling beautiful that I promise your whole life will take on new perspectives if you can really honor this profoundly important ancient secret.