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I have a strong impression that the Polish films increasingly difficult to be positive. Even if they are as good as "The Collector" and "I" are pushing for extreme cases that do not inspire optimism. Reality is gray in them, brutal, and poverty was knocking on the door. However, if someone decides to shoot something lighter, they immediately surrounds his characters an incredible splendor and glamor. One gets the impression that all the luxury apartments are built specifically for the needs of the production, because it is not spacious enough even in the capital.
"Just Love Me" is no exception to this rule terrifying - in this case, just on wealth, not poverty. Maciej Zakościelny, like James Bond goes after Warsaw the latest BMW, dressed only in stores of Krucza Street and lives in the penthouse, but ... There is one fundamental difference.
Do not mind. I myself was very surprised by this, but the movie is so warm and charming, that it is impossible for anything to get excited.
For this, the story itself is not as bad as it usually takes place in the Polish romantic comedies. Michal (Maciej Zakościelny) leads the leading company dedicated to interior decoration and ukwiecaniem. His staff was joined Julia (Agnieszka Grochowska), to help with completion of a very important project for the hotel in Sopot. Everything would go perfect if not for the fact that there is an unexpected complication - Michael comes home a little girl, Michalina (Julia Wróblewska), which claims to be his daughter. How does this affect his life - easy to guess.
Many people doubted (and still doubt) in your acting ability Zakościelnego. I admit that after fifteen minutes of the film began to understand why this is so. He was stiff, with his face glued to only one face, mechanically he uttered all issues. But suddenly there was a breakthrough and the problems are over, and the character of Michael became a reliable and remained so until the end of the session. They fared very well all three main female roles. In particular, he pointed out Agnieszka Dygant, playing Agatha - co-founder of the company.
In tribute to the heroes
You also can not miss the Seven Julia - it is possible that this girl one day find themselves in show business. The charm of the "Just Love Me" also consists of unique soundtrack. This is a very subjective opinion, because the designers they came almost exactly my taste in music (with a few derogations). During the session, you can hear the latest songs Katie Melua, James Blunt and hit years ago - "Pretty Woman" Billy Joel. By the way, the latter piece is very interesting reference to the classic production Julia Roberts, of the same title. Throughout the session the audience in the courtroom cheered and laughed - in a word: a good time. I was most surprised to learn that, and I smile never left his mouth, although a fan of romantic comedies I'm not. You see, this film has something, which can not be defined in words - a kind of magic.
It is not worth penetrate, or something like that ever happened. Better to enjoy the pleasant warmth that hard experience every day in so many - especially in the capital ..