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Even so, in Game 6, Thompson suffered a torn ACL in his left knee and departed with 30 points midway via the third quarter, as the Warriors went on to shed the game and the series with a 114–110 defeat. He finished the playoffs in third for career postseason 3-pointers , trailing only Curry and Ray Allen . On October 29, 2017, Thompson scored 29 points in a 115–107 loss to the Detroit Pistons, becoming the 11th player in franchise history to eclipse 9,000 career points.
If a double foul happens as a outcome of a distinction in opinion by the officials, no points can be scored and play shall resume with a jump ball at the center circle between any two opponents in the game at that time. Double individual fouls shall add to a player’s total, but not to the team total.

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Having a foul to give means that a team has not yet reached the fifth foul of the quarter. In other words — they can still foul the other team at least once before the other team is in the bonus and will shoot free throws when fouled.

The Warriors have been without having their two-time Most Beneficial Player for the previous 58 games due to a broken left hand. With the help of Opus Bank, Klay Thompson and his quick family have launched The Thompson Family Foundation, to be more involved in charitable causes. The foundation is focused on initiatives in Oakland and Los Angeles, CA, Portland, OR and the Bahamas—Mychal Thompson’s homeland.

The team whose player committed the foul loses possession of the ball to the other group. Tim Hardaway Jr. of the 2012–13 Michigan Wolverines men's basketball group (in blue), on a quickly break against Northwestern, draws a individual foul in the Wolverines' January three, Large Ten Conference season opener. There are various penalties for fouls depending on the type of foul. You can read more about it on the basketball penalties for fouls page. Illegal Hand Use - This foul is known as for any use of the hands on another player that the referee thinks is illegal.
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In Game two of the NBA Finals, Thompson played in his franchise-record 100th postseason game. He also became the sixth player to ever make 300 3s in the postseason, joining Curry as Warriors to attain the feat.