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The variety of settings for Hawaii weddings ranges from a volcano to gardens to the beach. Mountains, caves, waterfalls, and small villages are also options. Attempting to select a venue, coordinate all the arrangements, and ensure the destination wedding dreams are made of from a distance is just shy of madness. waikiki wedding packages is to find a wedding planner on the ground in Hawaii with whom to work. Communication is easy with emails, Skype, and telephone calls.

oahu wedding packages of Guests

Talk to family and friends early in the planning stages to determine who many people will be attending. Destination weddings are usually small because flying to Hawaii is not possible for everyone. This will help with planning and estimating costs based on the setting selected. A volcano wedding, for example, requires helicopter transportation, so knowing how many people are attending is imperative.

It is wise to include a professional to video the wedding for the people back home. Once the couple returns from a honeymoon, they can plan a reception locally and play the video before food is served. This prevents people from feeling left out of the event entirely. They can share in the celebration albeit after the fact.


Several Hawaii wedding packages are available to lower overall costs, but pricing will be different depending on the island chosen. Expect maui elopement packages on the islands of Maui and Oahu. These two islands have the most popular beaches and resorts in Hawaii. The islands of Kauai and Hawaii will incur lower costs for the couple, as well as guests. Ask the planner to find a hotel that will offer guests a group rate on accommodations.

Packages are designed to suit most budgets with pricing ranging for a few hundred dollars for a ceremony only affair, to twenty-thousand dollars or more for custom and elaborate ceremonies with receptions and extra local touches. Let the planner know what the overall budget is when discussing the wedding at the first consultation. This will avoid presentation of ideas and venues that are out of financial range.

Be Realistic

A dream destination wedding is fun and exciting to consider but may not be practical. Couples should have their wedding day exactly as they want it, but that is not always feasible. It can be less stressful for all involved if the couple elopes to the destination. Immediately family may not be pleased with that decision, but the day is not about immediate family, it is about the couple. Go, get married, enjoy the honeymoon and everyone else will eventually get over it.