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Grenoble is situated in south-eastern France close to the French Alps. With this, the climate is sort of cold in winter, with regularly snowy days, but summers are usually sizzling, as mountains surrounding the town forestall any cooling breeze.
Getting pictures from inside the bubble isn’t the easiest factor — there are not any home windows, and the cable cars are closely tinted and lined in scratches. We labored off those cheeses with a stroll through the close by markets. I love that clementines are so prevalent in the winter — they’re so refreshing.
Thankfully, Grenoble has a number of museums, including the superb Musée de Grenoble, with an exquisite collection of artwork. I loved strolling by way of the collections — however wistfully wished I was out enjoying the clean mountain air. While we arrived in the Rhône-Alpes area to a transparent day in Lyon, we had been soon bombarded with snow, slush, and freezing temperatures in each Lyon and Grenoble. Despite three pairs of socks, my toes practically froze clear off.
Nine years later, I'm still traveling countries and 7 continents! My goal is to show YOU how one can travel the world on your own -- simply, safely, and adventurously. Grenoble is that perfect measurement of a small city — elements of it really feel quite city, with lots of retailers and office buildings and a very good tram system connecting all around the metropolis. But elements of it really feel fairly nation — little riverside markets with do-it-yourself cheeses, tiny restaurants the place the proprietor is aware of all her customers.
Open through the mornings Tuesday to Saturday, this is a very fashionable and atmospheric market. I spent six incredible months in Southeast Asia and turned my travel blog into a full-time business.
The Musée De L'Ancien Eveché is also value a go to, displaying objects and artwork from the region, from prehistoric occasions till the Roman period, and is sort of fascinating. Also price testing is the spectacular historical fortification of Bastille Hill which overlooks Grenoble. They can be reached by a forty minute hike, or by cable automobile, and despite being of interest themselves from an archaelogical perspective, in addition they provide first rate views of the city.