I might die without you

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I watched this cartoon the first time during my distant childhood, when individuals were watching movies on VHS tape recorders. http://hindibookmark.com/story9527220/microsoft-s-foray-into-mp3-players-the-zune Then I still could not determine what I saw facing me: a cartoon like a cartoon, about a dog, whom everybody was spreading rot and who finally saved everyone.

But understandably, I remembered exactly one phrase that sunk into my soul - I might have died without you ... movie review I watched animated Balto (1995) movie on #link# free online.

And only now, after many years, having reviewed it already as grown-up, a conscious person, I realized WHAT I saw in excess of 10 years ago.

And I saw a thing that 100% of recent and 90% of all cartoons generally usually do not give birth to emotions. Emotions from a simple, unpretentious (and therefore - absolutely understandable to everyone) story, efficient at touching, horrifying and forcing oneself to empathize.

It is possible to talk a good deal concerning the merits of Balto: the Hollywood production (the last 15 minutes, in my view, need to be signed the animation textbooks), the amazing voice acting (Boris's Russian accent especially pleases) and focus to detail (the 34th minute brings a mature, who have children, from the most natural horror).

But, what is important, for me, the dignity of'Balto'is music.

First, I suspect that it was not the music activity that has been adjusted to the next scene, though the scene on the music (for those who don't believe, reconsider the interval from 1:06:48 to 1:07:10).

Secondly, it perfectly conveys the sentiments with the scenes that it sounds. Which is not only a hysterical piano or a violin in sad scenes or maybe a vigorous orchestra in dynamic ones. It is actually very difficult to convey in words, but you only do not need a shadow of doubt that something different should sound here.

Above all, it's verified to the last note. There's not one particular extra split second, not just one extra note while in the music of'Balto '. This incredible quality is maintained through the entire entire 70 minutes from the cartoon. In general, my lowest bows for the Balto composers: James Horner and Barry Mann.

The last blow for the nerves from the viewer is definitely the song inside the credits. A surprisingly accurate name - Grab the Light, the most perfect transfer of emotions and the full result of all the impressions of'Balto'(especially if you comprehend the text). Impressive people (especially girls) cry about the credits, and I absolutely understand why.

Oh, and something different: you should definitely revisit it using an English soundtrack.'Balto'in Russian along with English: these are generally 2 different cartoons.

Which: one of the few cartoons who have not lost their relevance today and, personally to me, is the greatest cartoon ever seen.

Absolute, categorical

10 of 10